Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bathroom Project

This is the master bath that has been redone and I just completed the mirror trim. I bought the trim at Lowe's and it's that plaster type material that I painted black. This type trim is much lighter weight than wood trim. Since my mirror was so long I thought it would work best. We attempted framing the mirror and failed when we used a glue that Lowe's said would work. It did not. So I went to Home Depot and bought Goop Tape and that held the trim up. You should start at the top and put that piece on first. Use your level to make sure that it's straight. You may also have to notch the trim where the mirror clips are on the sides of the mirror. I used a sharp knife to notch my pieces. My mirror was put in when we built our house which was 25 years ago so it needed a "face lift". As you can see in the before pictures it had some places around the edge that were not so attractive. This project was much cheaper than buying a new mirror.

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  1. I love Burgundy! It's actually the background color on my site now.

    And guess what?? I put a video up on my site this a.m. of me singing and playing at a recent show. Yay!