Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dry Sink Make Over - My Inspiration a Pottery Barn Cabinet

I love looking through the Pottery Barn catalogues that I receive in the mail almost weekly. They have several painted furniture pieces that I like and I decided to try and "copy" this green cabinet. I would love to see the PB cabinet in person, but the store I visited several weeks ago said that they didn't have it in stock and that most stores didn't have it either. So I took the catalogue picture and studied it for awhile and then decided to jump into the project. CeCe Caldwell's Spring Hill Green, Maine Harbor Blue, Simply White, Mississippi Mud and a touch of Virginia Chestnut is what I decided to use on this dry sink. Dry sinks are hard to find but they are such a neat piece of furniture to use in any home. You could use it as a drink station, a buffet, or it also looks cute in an outdoor kitchen. CeCe Caldwell's chalk and clay paints are so easy and fun to use. I love painting with the paints and I also love the finishes - wax, aging cream, and satin finish. If you are wanting to learn how to use these wonderful paints and finishes stop by and sign up for a Paint Made Easy 101 class at our shop "Fresh" on 403 College Street in Jasper. We will be open Friday, Saturday, and Monday. Have a blessed week!
 1st coat of Spring Hill Green (drying)
 The wax is drying in this picture
Great Old Hardware
Pottery Barns cabinet

Green Cabinet moved into Fresh and ready to sell!


  1. Hello Nancy,
    It has been a long time since, I have peeked at Blogs. I love your new green dry sink. Very sweet! sandi

    1. Thank you Sandi, I have not been keeping up with my blog like I should but I get busy and neglect it.I am hoping to keep it up a little better. Great to hear from you, again!