Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day!

I had a great Labor Day weekend with my family. The girls and I sewed most of the weekend and had a great time. I will post pictures later on all the things that we made with my machine. I have rented a new room in Buna for all of my baby items, so I am busy trying to fill it up. Mother and I painted the room pink and then I purchased some white grid to hang the clothes, bows, and etc. It looks really nice and I'm so excited about it. I finally opened my Etsy store and it is called nwalkercreations. I only have 3 items right now but hey it's a start! I hope that it works out to be a good thing. I have not tried online sales so this all new to me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated from those of you who have sold online. My favorite things to sew are children's clothing and accessories. I hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend.
God Bless you!