Friday, July 22, 2016

Antique Vanity Turned into Two Side Tables

I bought an antique vanity from a friend a few months ago and as we were loading it into my trailer it became two side tables. Instead of a vanity I gained twin tables with veneer damage and several other hiccups! But I could see potential in these ugly ducklings and the challenge was on. I immediately went to work on the twins using my sander, removing hardware, adding putty, and adding wooden appliques. 
Several weeks later, another friend came by the store looking for one side table for her sweet daughter and I mentioned that I had two at my house that I had been trying to revive but that they were in pretty sad shape. I sent her a picture and she adopted one of them to restore. She did a beautiful job and I was inspired by her success in restoring her "adopted twin". So I set out to finish what I had started with the vanity turned side table. You can go here to see her make over.
I opted to do lace embossing on the top and the drawer fronts. Embossing has become one of my favorite applications on furniture. 
I used Paint Couture's embossing medium along with a lace curtain that I purchased at a thrift store. It gave such a elegant and delicate look to this antique table. 
I applied Color of Sweden's Gustav along with Paint Couture glazes, Zinc and Weathered Wood. Artisan Enhancements Clear Finish was applied for a nice matte finish.
If you are interested in learning the art of embossing, I teach a class and you can go here to register. 

I've worked on many projects that have had issues but this was by far the worst yet! I am going to share several photos with you on this make over. Remember if you have a piece that is damaged you can make it look totally different with just a few tricks. 

Putty added to some of the damaged sides

Embossing Before Paint

Embossed Drawer Fronts Before Paint

Painted and Glazed with Wooden Applique Added

Glass knobs added to the completed table

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Embossed Angel Wings on Antique High Boy

I bought a nice 2 Drawer Oak High Boy with 2 doors. I knew exactly what I wanted to do this piece when I laid eyes on it! Those doors would be perfect to emboss the Angel Wing Stencil from Artisian Enhancements. Here's a BEFORE picture of the high boy. I also knew that I would not leave those original knobs on the drawers or doors. I chose Paint Couture's British Gray for my paint with a mixture of Paint Couture's Weathered Wood and Zinc for my glaze. Here's a BEFORE picture of the high boy.

And here's the AFTER. Oh what a difference a little paint will do to a piece!

The Angel Wings were embossed using VP Antico by Artisan Enhancements. I also used the color shaper to push the VP Antico through the stencil to create a nice raised textured look. After the VP Antico was dry, I applied one coat of Paint Couture's Matte Finish, and then the glaze mix was applied. 
In the picture above you may have noticed the doors are missing hardware. I couldn't decide what I wanted on those cute doors. I finally painted two pulls with British Gray and topped them with Paint Couture's gilding wax in Gunmetal Tulle. I love that if you have hardware that's the wrong color, no worries it's an easy fix! Nothing a little paint and gilding wax can't transform.
Here's the finished cabinet in the store ready to sale. 
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Friday, July 8, 2016

Up-Cycle With Chalk and Clay Paints by American Paint Company

Have you ever bought the shoes before the outfit? I have a few times if I REALLY love the shoes! I bought a french provincial side table and oddly enough this table didn't have the usual hardware on it. It had a pull knob that was not very pretty in my opinion, so I immediately found the perfect knob. Ordinarily, I pick my paint color and then the hardware but not this time. I chose a paint color that would compliment my knob. I wanted texture and I wanted a pop of color. I mixed two colors Beach Glass and Shoreline, to make a custom mix of a beautiful blue.

After painting the table, I distressed the drawer and a few other areas. I applied a coat of American Paint Company's Top Coat for the finish. All of American Paint Company's products are all natural so all your painting can be done indoors. 
I used an all over stencil on the drawer sides to add a special touch. 

This one didn't stay on the floor long before someone gave it a new home. 
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Monday, July 4, 2016

The Chalky Look Added to a Side Table

How do you get that "chalky" old world look that is popular? It's quite simple if you use American Paint Company's Chalk and Clay paints. Here is a picture of the French Provincial side table that I painted with American Paint's Rushmore and Gunpowder mixed 1:1. 

 After two coats of the Rushmore and Gunpowder mixture I left it to dry for several hours. To achieve depth and more texture I loaded my Artisan Enhancements brush with Paint Couture's Italian Ivory and dry brushed. When you dry brush be sure and off load your brush so that there is almost no paint on the brush. I like to use the Artisan Enhancements flat brush for this application. 

 After dry brushing, Artisan Enhancements Top Coat was added to seal the paint and add a nice finish that will be very durable. I applied two coats of the Top Coat. I highly recommend this Top Coat for all your paints - it's very easy and dries in 24 hours. 
The hardware was also dry brushed with Italian Ivory and then sealed with top coat. 

 I'm very pleased with my "chalky" make over! It will be put on the floor in hopes of a new home. Leave a comment on what you think about this look. Do you like the chalky finish or the smooth finish?
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