Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday and another storm!

We were hit hard in our area several years ago by Hurricane Rita so people in this area are a little more alert and concerned when the weather guys start talking about category 3 Hurricanes. We were not well prepared for Rita and I certainly wasn't paying attention to the weather channel. We live so far off the coast I didn't see any reason to be alarmed, but we found out that it can come this far so everyone here is preparing for another storm. Hopefully it won't come through here again, but I have my gas tank full and ready to head North if it happens to come this way. I won't stay this time and ride it out!

It's Friday and I'm ready for a long weekend. No school Monday so that is going to be nice. I finished up my vanity and chest of drawers last night and it looks really good. All I have left is sanding and sealing! I'll post pictures when I finish. I also purchased a few new items and my husband picked them up for me last night. A friend is moving and she had several antiques that I bought. A really old singer treadle machine, 3 very old trunks, and a dresser and chest of drawers. Those will be my next refinishing projects. There was some really old things left in the drawers of the sewing machine and I will share with you later what was in those drawers. I'll take photos so you can see! Neat things from the past. Stay tuned for more photos and projects to be posted. Have a great weekend!

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