Thursday, August 14, 2008

One to go!

One more to go! Haley is moving in her apartment this weekend and that will be the end of moving kids for a while! Whew, I am glad that it will be over. I finished all the furniture projects and will head out in the morning to Austin. This week has been busy with school starting and with me trying to finish all the projects for Haley's apartment. I am going to start working on the dresser that I bought a couple of weeks ago and some of my other furniture that I want to paint. We are still waiting for the cabinet guy to come and take out the cabinets above the bar. Hopefully we will get that done soon. My house is turned upside down from all the remodeling in the kitchen and Haley's boxes. I should be able to clean up some since I have Haley's boxes out of the house. I will take pics of Haley's place and let you take a peek at her new place!

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