Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quilting Again and finishing projects!

I have moved my sewing room into one of my spare bedrooms downstairs and I'm loving it! I have finished one quilt that I had started several years ago and I am almost finished with another one. I'm not finished setting up my sewing room but I am working on it and I have a long way to go. Our kitchen is still in a mess and I'm so tired of it. It seems we can't move on with this project and get it completed.
Hopefully "Ike" is not coming our way as we thought at first. I sent Linsi her curtains yesterday by mail and as soon as she gets them she is going to take pictures and I will post them.
They turned out really cute. The balloon shade was very easy. If my kitchen ever gets finished I am going to make me one for my kitchen window.
I am so ready for the dreaded black "love" bugs that we have here in East Texas to be gone! I have several painting projects and they are everywhere under the barn where I paint.
Have a great afternoon!

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