Tuesday, June 9, 2009

White Shabby Chic Vanity


I moved into my new booth space in Buna yesterday and it really is going to be cute shop. We traveled to Houston today for a Doctors appt. for my Dad. Everything looked good and we go back next Weds. for a CT. scan. They are going to decide rather or not if it's time for the drainage tube to be removed or not. Dad is doing so much better and he is getting stronger each day. Thanks to all of you who have and who are praying for his recovery.
I came home and finished painting a vanity that I have been working on and I have some before and after photos to share with you. I need to decide which booth I am going to put it in! I have a chest of drawers and a vanity that I am going to begin tomorrow. I can't decide what color to paint them. I tend to have that problem when I begin a project but I will have to sand them and prime them so I still have a little time to decide which color I like. I may do pink this time. I really enjoy painting the antique vanities! Take care and I hope you enjoy the photos.


  1. The vanity is beautiful! I hope your father is getting better each day. He is on my prayer list. Have a nice week. Sandi

  2. Love the vanity and the pink knobs! I love it white! Prayers going up for your father too!

  3. I have tried to leave a comment three times now. It keeps going to operatino aborted.GRRRRR I wish they would get blogger fixed. Anyways...maybe the third time is a charm?
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your vanity and the pink knobs too!
    Praying for your father also!

  4. Nancy,
    Vanity looks beautiful! You know white is my favorite color. You did a wonderful job. Are you going to keep it or sell it? I am glad your father is doing better each day.
    God Bless you and your family.