Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall is in the Air

I have been on the road and very busy! Fall is in the air and I love it. I made another trip to Round Top for my third year. I really enjoy browsing through all the "stuff" and visiting my favorite Bed and Breakfast in Round Top. I really didn't buy that much this year, prices seemed rather high to me. I went to Left Overs on Saturday night for their party. The food was wonderful and they had the store decorated so nice. I bought a wreath for Christmas and a small Christmas tree for my Kitchen. Afterwards I headed to a midnight madness sale in Fayettville which is just down the road from Round Top. I found a few items here and then headed back to my comfy B & B. Sunday morning I had a delicious breakfast at the B&B and then headed back to Newton. After a short rest I headed to Austin to visit with Haley my youngest daughter. It rained in Austin most of the weekend but we did shop and enjoy eating at some of our favorite restaurants. ACL was in full force in Austin this weekend so it was very crowded with people everywhere. I'm amazed that people can actually attend three days of a music festival through rain and mud! We saw where some folks were charging 25.00 to park and then they still had to walk in the rain several miles just to get to the park where the festival was being held. It just makes me tired to even think about it: ) Have a great week!

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  1. Hi Nancy, so nice that you are back from Warrenton. Hope that you had a nice time and lots of fun. I hope to go in the Spring. Have you ever been to Canton Flea Market?
    I always finds good deals there. How is your Dad doing? That was nice you could visit with your daughter too. sandi