Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Trip to RoundTop

I had another fun and eventful trip to Round Top. This time my Mom and two daughters came along for the fun! We stayed at my favorite B&B, Wellspring. I didn't cover as much ground as I usually do but I still found a few treasures. We enjoyed eating the delicious "Mae's Burger" at Scotty and Friends Restaurant in Round Top. The weather was great and the Blue Bonnets were gorgeous. On Saturday night we attended the "Leftovers" party and we enjoyed the beautiful displays at this store. It is such a treat to shop at Leftovers, if you have never visited their store you should make plans to do so. I also purchased the new book about Round Top and all the activities and places that are so interesting in Round Top. I'm still reading and looking at it but it was well worth the money. Have a wonderful week. I know this is short but I am really tired from the trip and I have to rise early and work and then I have a softball game out of town tomorrow night which means a late bus ride there and back:(


  1. Nancy, it sounds like so much fun. I truly hope to go some time soon. Post some of your treasures that you bought.....Have a Blessed Easter. I am sure you will be with your family, have a nice day. sandi

  2. Just found your blog through the cottage gals... I do a lot of sewing for their shop! I love your applique. I have a great embroidery machine and have yet to figure that out....wish you lived next door...I'll visit your blog often!