Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Applying Lacquer Successfully

Lacquer can sometimes be difficult to apply to a piece of furniture or cabinetry. Some of the difficulties that I have incurred are puddling and streaks. I am always trying new tools of the trade to make the job easier and more efficient. After traveling to North Carolina for training with the Paint Couture Collection we used a wool applicator to apply the Couture Lacquer and really liked it. We ordered several for the store and after using one several times I fell in love with it! It made the job so much easier and it covered the area so well.
Pour the lacquer in a paint tray, dip the wool applicator into the lacquer and remove any extra from the side of the tray. If you are working on a table top, dresser top or sides, drawer fronts, or anything that has a lot of surface area, this product is perfect. Start making long strokes in one direction and continue until you have completely covered the area. 

Rinse the applicator with soap and water and hang to dry. After the Lacquer dries (usually four hours) then repeat the same process. My daughter bought a dining table from Restoration Hardware and it was made of natural wood but she felt the top needed extra protection from spills and everyday wear. She used the Paint Couture Lacquer with the wool applicator and it went on beautifully. 

My next projects which include beds, dressers, and buffets will be finished with this wonderful easy to use tool. It is so much easier and better than a paint brush. You can purchase the applicator here or at our store front open from 9-5 every Friday, Saturday,and Monday. 

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