Sunday, May 18, 2008

2008 ABS Begonia Convention

We had a great time at the convention. I won a 2nd place ribbon for my begonia plant. We saw some beautiful plants at the show and of course we bought way too many plants at the plant sale. After church, I spent the afternoon potting all my new plants that I bought! My husband and I had lunch with some of our friends today and I confiscated some of their horse manure. This is wonderful fertilize for my begonias and roses. We scoop up the rotted manure and I mix it in with my potting soil. My favorite potting soil is Sunshine Potting mix. We also shopped at a few of my favorite stores while we were in Houston. We found some good bargains at Marshall's. My sister bought the cutest teapot with the plates and cups to match. We went by some of our favorite plants stores in Houston . Another Place in Time and Buchanan's are at the top of our list! I've included some pics from the convention. Me and Mom outside by the car and my sister, Lisa standing beside one of the plants. I am hoping to have time this week to work on some of those projects that I mentioned earlier. My goal is to make the cushions for my back porch swing and vintage metal stay tuned.

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