Friday, May 30, 2008

School is out!!!

Dining room table set with Blue and White Dishes. My dining room hutch with blue and white dishes displayed

Cream and Sugar set from Estate Sale

Wicker Chair
from City Wide Garage Sale
Small Table from Estate Sale

Star Fish Candles

Today was our last day of school. The seniors of 2008 will graduate tonight and begin a new phase in their lives. We got out a little early and I got to come come home and eat a good lunch that my mom had prepared. Fresh green beans and chicken and rice. I am posting a few pictures today of several different things. I lucked upon an Estate Sale and found a few "treasures"! I found a Duncan Phyfe accent table, the cutest cream and sugar set, and a Batten burg Table cloth with 12 napkins. The table cloth with the napkins was only $5.00. I came home and washed them in OxyClean and I am going to starch and iron them later. I'll post those pics later on when they are ironed. I also found two cute white star fish candles at Anthropologie, they were marked 18.95 but they had marked them down to 3.95. The white wicker chair is something that I bought at the City Wide Garage Sale in Austin a few months ago. It was a dark green when I bought it and I painted it white and bought two cushions from Marshall's. The cushions match a quilt and shams for the twin bed that I am working on. Right now I am keeping the chair in the dining room. If you notice I have plaid wallpaper in my kitchen and dining area. I hate this wallpaper and I am going to paint the walls this summer a pale yellow. I am also getting new counter top and refinishing the cabinets and getting new hardware. This week I also found a great "treasure" on Craigslist for my daughter Linsi. She needed a King size headboard and someone had a beautiful mahogany headboard for $20.00. She and Haley my youngest daughter picked it up and they both said it is in mint condition and looked really nice. I have to work a half a day tomorrow and then I am off to Canton Texas for Trade excited! It is extremely warm and humid today here in Texas. I think we are going to have a very hot summer. I worked on the headboard this week but I'm still not finished with that project. I am watching the college softball world series and when it cools later I may work on it again. Stay tuned for what I find in Canton this weekend.....hopefully many "treasures"!!! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Nancy! Yeaaah - school is out for you! Well you got some great stuff! I LOVE the wicker chair that you painted white!! What a deal on those starfish candleholders... I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing summer!...Donna