Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Long Day

Well today was a long day. I've been working on several projects for the past two days. I attended the Memorial for one of the sweetest ladies today and the service was very special. The pastor did an excellent job commemorating her life. It made me realize it's the "little things" in life that are important. Sometimes we get caught up in the everyday life and forget to be thankful for those "little things". She had made a list of things that she said made her smile. The smell of coffee in the mornings, sitting on the back porch watching and listening to the birds, her children, the warm sunshine, her grandchildren, and her savior. That struck a chord with me because I too enjoy some of those same things myself and so many times take them for granted. I thank God for those special people in our lives that cross our paths. She will be greatly missed here on earth but Heaven is a brighter place with Wanda there.

After the service I came home and fertilized all my plants with Lady Bug Fertilizer. It has a lot of fish emulsion in it so it's not a pleasant smell but the plants love it! We are dog sitting my sons lab "Fisher" and I played with him some and then I painted a mirror and a magazine holder. I'll post pictures of the finished products when I complete them. I cooked fresh squash from the garden and Hamburger steaks with smothered onions. Yum. I watched "American Idol" while I did a little ironing and then I decided to cut out the cushions for my back porch swing and chairs. I want to sew a ruffle around the cushion for the swing but I'm not sure how I'm going to do that so I will do that later. I think I am going to cut it on the bias because it's a stripe fabric and I think that would look best. What do you think?

Our high school baseball team is in the playoffs and I will be going to that playoff game tomorrow night so no blogging because it will be a very late night since the game is 2 hours away.

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  1. Hi Nancy! This is Donna from An Enchanted Cottage... I just (by mistake) rejected a sweet comment that was left for me on my "Garden Surprise" post, and I'm not even sure who it was from! If it was you (you were the last one to visit my blog), I am SOOO sorry!! Clearly I should be in bed now instead of trying to blog!! Anyhow, you have a lovely blog, and thank you for visiting me!!...Donna (