Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Finally a 'LiL break!

I have been soooo busy. Mom and I went to Canton Trade Days Saturday and Sunday and had a blast! I found some great stuff. I had the dreaded yearly checkup with the Doctor yesterday in Houston.....hate those. I have one more appointment for the dreaded yearly mammogram. Boy, what us women have to go through! I've posted one of my favorite treasures from this weekend on this blog entry. It was a chandelier for the porch. I bought it "naked" and then added some things to it to dress it up. My youngest daughter came in last night from Austin and she loved the back porch and how I have been decorating it. She hasn't been home in awhile and she couldn't believe the changes that I had made. She and I enjoyed a nice evening on the porch catching up on her life and what she is doing in Austin. I turned the"new chandelier" on and it looked great! Today we are going to look for her some things for her new apartment she will be moving into in the fall. We went to her grandmothers house last night and brought the chairs home for her dining room table that I am going to cover. We need to choose a fabric to cover them, so I think we are going to decide that today. And then there is the kitchen project. They are laying the tile today, so I am so excited about that. I will take more pictures of that as it progresses. The cabinet guy came yesterday and said that he could remove the cabinets over the bar. I think that is going to look so good. Stay turned for more pictures!

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  1. Nancy:

    I absolutely love the chandelier! Lucky you to get to go to Canton. I live in California but have heard about that awesome place....

    Debbie Kay