Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Headboard Project Completed

Guadalupe River
Shabby Headboard

Well I am back in Austin and Linsi and I finished her King Size headboard last night. She really likes it and we leaned it against her dark brown wall in her bedroom and I must say it looks really good. She bought this on Craigslist a while back and we decided to shabby it up. It was brown mahogany before we painted it white. We put two coats of Kilz on it and sanded it then put two coats of Behr paint in the color Polar Bear. This is a nice color of white and after we sanded it the last time we sanded down to the wood underneath so that it would show through for that rugged look she wanted. And the last step was using Howard's Citrus Shield Wax. I have tried several other waxes on my furniture but this one seems to give the best results for me. Today Haley and I are traveling over to San Marcos to pick up a few pieces of furniture that I am having dipped. The name of the place is Furniture Restoration and they are a very nice couple that refinish furniture. They have 3 large vats that they dip furniture into if you want to have it stripped down to the bare wood which is what I am having done. I will do the refinishing myself but I thought this would be some much quicker than me stripping the items myself. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Hi Nancy,

    Your headboard looks amazing. Great work.

    I'm just about to embark on refinishing some furniture for the first time....i've been in love with shabby and rustic furniture for a while now and spend lots of money buying pieces for my home so i'm excited about taking it up myself as a hobby...and who knows maybe even as a business longer term if i love it.

    At the moment i don't know too much but found your comment about having the furniture dipped very usefull as I imagine this saves so much time.

    thanks again for the post and i'll check back for more great tips.


    Irish living in london but looking forward to returning home next year ;-)