Monday, December 1, 2014

Leather Inserted Table Make Over

Have you seen the two-tiered tables that have a leather insert on the top? These tables were popular in the early 1900's. I wanted to cover the leather with CeCe paint and I chose Destin Gulf Green for the top but I left the legs dark mahogany. 
After I finished applying two coats of Destin Gulf Green I wanted to add a stencil to the top. I used Modern Masters Metallic paint for the stencil. I had a little trouble centering the stencil but finally got it right(with help from my husband)! Remember when you are stenciling to tape the stencil down and use a pouncing stippling type motion when applying your paint. Less paint on your stencil brush is better. You want it almost dry so that you won't have paint bleeding under the stencil. I use a paper plate and a paper towel to "pounce" the brush to remove excess paint.
I love using glazes so I decided to glaze the table with Virginia Chestnut to give it more depth. With CeCe Caldwell's glazes you tint them with the paint.
The leather insert was easy to paint over and I like the new look much better! And now I'm moving on to the next make over.....

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