Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Metallic Desk Make Over

Another project completed! I posted last week about this mahogany desk make over. You can go here and see the prep process prior to painting it. I used several different paint products to take this desk to a new level. 
First I stripped the top of the desk and you can go here to read about that. After stripping the top I used CeCe Caldwell's Kukui stain. I applied three coats of stain with a soft cotton cloth to give it a deep dark brown color. You should allow 2 hours between coats. This stain has no smell and there is no need to add a top coat.

The base of the desk and the drawers were painted with Modern Masters Silver Opaque. I painted the base with two coats of the Modern Masters Silver but the drawers were painted with only one coat of the metallic. And then painted with Mother Earth chalk enhanced paint in the beautiful color - Charcoal. The hardware was painted with the Modern Masters Metallic Silver. I also added CeCe Caldwell's graphite wax to the detailed areas of the desk. The drawers were finished with Satin Finish by Mother Earth. 
You may wonder why I painted the drawers in the metallic paint before painting with Mother Earth Charcoal? The desk was Mahogany wood and most of the time it bleeds and I wanted to be sure and seal with the metallic paint before painting with the chalk enhanced paint. Metallic paints are great for sealing wood. 
Here are more pictures of the finished desk - this is one of my favorite make overs and I hope you are inspired to try something new! What are you working on this week??? 


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