Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I have been mixing my own chalk paint. There are several "recipes" for chalk paint on different blogs and the Internet. It mostly consist of plaster Paris, paint, and water. I signed up for a Annie Sloan paint class to compare the two. A. S. paint is quite expensive but you are supposed to be able to get several pieces of furniture painted out of one can of paint. There is no sanding and no prep when you use A.S. paint and you can virtually paint on any medium with the paint - metal, wood, plastic, etc.
So I took my class on Monday and I loved it! It only takes two coats of paint to cover your project most of the time. Several reasons that I liked the paint - it was very smooth and when applied it dries VERY quickly. I also used the dark wax and the clear wax to finish the wood samples and it was GREAT! I love the way the dark wax goes into the grooves and crevices of the wood to give it texture. I bought several cans and I will be working on several projects this week that I will post my results.
I moved my sewing room upstairs yesterday and it nearly killed my husband and I. My sewing machines and tables and equipment could not be any heavier! I still have several things to move up there but I am going to do it a little at a time today.
Have a wonderful day - I have several orders to get out today so I am off to get busy!

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