Monday, August 6, 2012

Painted Furniture

I got in the mood to paint furniture again. I have been researching the new technique with "Chalk Paint". After researching several resources and blogs I took the plunge and I really like it. I mixed my own painted a night stand and a Jenny Lynn twin bed. I will post some of my pictures of these when I get them finished. I also want to try the Annie Sloan chalk paint and I am going to make a trip to the city this week to buy a few cans of it. I talked with the rep that sells it and she convinced me that it's worth the $40.00 a can. I will let you know if I think that it is worth or not.
My own mixture did not cost near that much! I haven't painted furniture for quite a while. When I painted my first time I set everything up in the oven  garage! It is like a hot oven in my garage during the Summer months so I decided to just bring the paint and furniture inside and use drop cloths. So far since there is no prep when using chalk paint it's working out good.
I will be posting pictures soon! So stay tuned and have a blessed week!

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