Sunday, August 18, 2013

From Disco to Distressed

We've all seen the huge dressers from the 1970's. This has never been my style but after looking on Pinterest I decided to paint one. This dresser is 6'3" and was painted with Mississippi Mud and Alaskan Tundra Green.  I tinted my glaze with Virginia Chestnut and added the glaze to the dresser after the paint was thoroughly dry and used Satin Finish. All products were CeCe Caldwell's. There is no need to sand or strip with this wonderful paint! It's fast and easy to use and I love it! This dresser would be perfect for a tv console, a babies changing table, couch console, or a dresser. So many choices - which will it be?? To see the dresser stop by Junktique -it's in the front booth where we sell our paint. We sell the paint in four locations right now Fresh and Junktique in Jasper, J&A Hemphill, and Consignors Mall in Livingston. Have a blessed week and let the paint fly!!
Before (disco)

After (distressed)

Alaskan Tundra Green over Mississippi Mud with VC tinted glaze


  1. such a pretty color and I like the detailed back behind
    the knob(:)

  2. Thank you Patty! I love painting with the chalk and mineral paints. It's so easy and fun. This piece was a little different from what I normally paint but it was fun. My favorite are country French pieces but they are hard to come by in my area.

  3. Amazing job! I would love to include this in a roundup I am putting together, which will be posted on my blog. I will just grab a picture and give you a link back. If you'd prefer that I didn't use this project, please email me at

  4. Hi Nancy,
    I would be honored for you to include me in your roundup! A link back would be great...thank you! I can't wait to see it.
    Nancy Walker

  5. love it !!!! great textures, really a show stopper! would love to find one like it

  6. Thank you! It sold quickly - I wish I could find another one to paint.