Friday, February 6, 2015

Miss Mustard Seed's Layla's Mint

With Spring just around the corner Miss Mustard Seed's Layla's Mint is a refreshing color to dip your brush into and start your next project!
Whether you are wanting to paint furniture for a nursery or you need a soft pop of color in a room - this could be your choice. 
It's a very nice color that is not over powering and easy on the eyes. I love this minty green and I will be painting something in this fun color. 
If you look on Pinterest or in magazines you will find many items painted in this hue of green. 
Yesterday I posted about the new ballet pink that is a soft gorgeous pink and in my opinion would pair well with Layla's Mint if you are decorating a nursery or a little girls room. But don't limit yourself using these colors in a child's room, they would also look great mixed in your kitchen or dining room.
Here's a paint tip for today when using milk paint. Make sure you mix the paint well before applying the paint. I use a mixture of 1:1 when mixing. That is 1 part water to 1 part milk paint. I like to use my mini mixer to mix my paint but don't over mix it. Why? It will make the paint mixture frothy. If this happens, wait a few minutes and let the bubbles settle and then begin painting. If you want to know more about mixing milk paint I go into more detail on mixing milk paint here. Below is what the mini mixer looks like and you can order them from Fresh or if you are in the area stop by our store front. 

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