Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easy and Economical Stenciled Pillow Covers

If you are looking for an economical and easy way to change up your home decor, these easy to make pillows could be your solution to this! I love making pillows from drop cloth that can be purchased at most home improvement stores. My favorite brand is Blue Hawk that I buy from my local Lowe's store. Lowe's carries several different sizes and weights. I like the lighter weight, 9x12 size for my projects. 
These pillows are 18x18 in size but pillow forms come in several sizes so you choose the size that you like best. Always prewash the drop cloth before you begin the stenciling. If you haven't stenciled before you can go to my instructions here to learn more. 
You will need to cut an 18x18 square for the pillow top. The back of the pillow is sewn using the envelope method which makes it easy to slip the cover off for washing. I will post instructions on how to sew these pillows in my next posting. 

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