Tuesday, April 7, 2015

From Wardrobe to Chest

Today's #freshredo is a beautiful chest that in it's prior life was a large oak wardrobe. The boards were bought at Lowe's and cut to fit the top of the base. I painted the top with Mother Earth's Chocoholic. It's a rich chocolate color that was perfect for this top. As you can see the boards had a few knots in them and after I applied two coats of the Chocoholic the knots showed through the paint. An easy fix for this is Paint Couture's Van Dyke Brown Glaze. One coat of Van Dyke covered the knots and the top looked exactly like I wanted. 

The base of the chest is painted in Paint Couture's Peacock with Satin Lacquer for the top coat. After you apply the Lacquer you should wait several hours before applying a second coat. When the Lacquer had cured for several hours I added Bronze Wax to the hardware and the raised decorative wood pieces.
This piece of furniture would look great at the end of the bed for extra storage or against a wall with throw pillows. If you would like to learn how to use our home decor paints we will be offering a couple of classes this month. April 18th at 10 am. we will be having a "Chalk it Up" class and on April 20th "Here's Your Sign" class is at 5:30. Register online at www.freshjaspertexas.com or stop by the store. We will be open Friday, Saturday and Monday. 

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