Friday, January 29, 2016

French Provincial Vanity Embossed with Lace

French provincial is one of my favorite styles of furniture to paint. It has very feminine lines and goes well, mixed with other furniture. Sometimes just a simple Provincial side table painted in french hues placed next to a bed gives that special touch to a room. 
I've been lucky to find French provincial lingerie chest, desk, vanities, chairs, and chests of drawers. Most of the time they don't last very long and sell particularly well in my area.  
This week I visited a new antique store in Beaumont and to my surprise found a French provincial desk with the chair to match! Both desperately need a make over and as soon as I get caught up with my other painting they will get a new look.
I am posting the make over of a vanity today that I painted with peacock by Paint Couture, lace embossing, stenciling, and glazing to change it up a bit!
Here is a picture of the vanity BEFORE

Embossing medium by Paint Couture the Collection was used on the top of this vanity along with a large lace table cloth. I used two glazes by the Couture Collection - Copperhead and Champagne. Using several different glazes gives a nice depth to the lace. 
Embossing is a great application for hiding flaws on your furniture. But it's also a great way to add texture to a piece.
A good trowel is important for accuracy and smoothness. My favorite trowel is this one: 

Here is the Embossing Medium by Paint Couture:
It reminds me of cake icing!

These two sample boards were my inspiration for the color of the vanity. 

And the process of the vanity began here .......

 Painted with peacock and drying.......
 Embossing medium applied with lace .......

And the completed vanity in our store. It sold to a sweet customer!

If you would like to learn how to emboss I will be teaching this application in an upcoming workshop. Go here to keep up with our workshop schedules. Remember we offer a workshop that we call "U Schedule It". You decide when and which workshop you are interested in taking and you stop by Fresh or call and schedule it!

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