Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stripping Furniture the Easy Way Part 2

Part 2 of yesterday's post on the reformation of a buffet. I ended that post at where I had stripped and sanded the top. Now it is ready for the dark stain glaze. I used to apply stain but I've learned to love the use of our glazes to get the look of stain. It is SO much prettier and easier and you can get the perfect shade with glaze. All three lines of our paints have glaze in their collection. For this I used Mother Earth's Antiquing Glaze on this particular top. It's a rich dark brown and the more coats you apply the deeper and darker it will be. I applied two coats of glaze and then one coat of Couture Lacquer. Why the Lacquer? It's a buffet and I feel it needs extra protection. There are a couple of tools we sell at Fresh that make applying glaze and lacquer so easy. Send me a message about those if you are interested. I don't use anything else since I was introduced to these tools.
The base is painted in Colors of Sweden, Misty Fjord with Sheer Smoke Glaze. The hardware was a little out dated so I bought new hardware to give it more of a farmhouse look. 
The Colors of Sweden are part of The Couture Collection and these are gorgeous hues of soft french pastels. Here is the COS pallet of colors.
Remember all of our paint products are low or no VOC's and are environmentally safe. This buffet was one of my favorite make-overs for 2015. I'm happy to say it sold very quickly. Here is a picture of the buffet in it's final transformation. 

The hutch top was disassembled and re-purposed into another piece of furniture. I took the glass doors off and sold those. You will be surprised what I did with the top. But that will be on another post, so come back later when I post those before and after pictures. 
Here's a sneak peek of the before picture of the hutch top:

 Please leave a comment and let me know what you are working on this week. If you have any questions on painting please post those too. 

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