Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to Paint with CeCe Caldwell's Chalk and Clay Paints

Do you want to learn how to paint with an all natural paint? I am going to give step by step instructions on how I use this amazing paint. I will be giving you insights into what makes this paint so incredibly outstanding. Since this will be a long post, I will do it in several series. If you have something that you would like to paint go grab it and paint along with me. 
I'm painting an antique vanity that is in very bad condition. Even the inside of the drawers need a little uplifting. 
First you will need to clean your furniture with Simple Green or TSP. I used Simple Green on this piece. After you have cleaned the wood with a cleaner be sure and let it dry thoroughly before the next step.
Next you will need to stir your paint and pour a small amount in a container(I use a plastic container with a lid by Rubbermaid). Why do you need to pour it into a separate container? CeCe paints have no chemicals in them so it would contaminate the paint if you painted directly from the can. I also add water to my paint after pouring it into my plastic container. How much? I like mine about the consistency of pancake batter. Now you are ready to paint!
I use a natural bristle brush when painting with chalk and clay paints not the nylon bristle brushes. 
Apply the first coat of paint and watch it dry. This is the first steps of painting with this paint. I'll continue this post when I finish painting my first coat of Destin Gulf Green on my vanity. Here is a picture of the drawers that I painted. If you need paint for your project you can purchase online at or stop by our store on 403 College Street in Jasper.



The drawers with one thin coat of DGG

The paint is drying 

Inside the drawers - soon to be painted

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