Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Painting with CeCe Caldwell's Paints - Part Three

I have added my second coat of paint (KC) and wet distressed the dresser. Make sure when you are applying the second coat of paint to water it down as we did the first coat and it is not important to completely cover the bottom coat of paint. Since you are going to wet distress it's not necessary to completely cover. After the second coat has dried, take an old t-shirt that you have cut into squares and wet. Lightly, start rubbing on the furniture and distress in areas that you feel would naturally be distressed through time. Usually around the drawer handles, the edges of the wood and any other areas you like. Since this piece was dark wood I can distress down to the wood and have 3 colors peeking through. This part is where you can be creative and make it unique. I love distressing the furniture, it transforms it into something so different and beautiful. 
I have added pictures of the dresser and what it looks like so far. I love to use a natural bristle brush size 6 and 8 to apply the paint. We sell these on our website They are the best brushes I have found so far. The rounded tip is perfect for those hard to reach places. My next step will be to paint the top of this dresser. I always start with the piece turned upside down and then flip it over to do the top. This dresser also has a mirror that I will be painting so come back for Part Four. In Part Four I will be adding the final finishes! 
Pour your paint into a separate container.

wet distressed 

More distressing 
One of the drawers to the dresser 
Ready for the next step!

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