Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Miss Mustard Seed Buffet Make Over

I've been a little under the weather recently so I have not been painting. But today I felt like painting on the buffet and I really like how it is coming along. I painted my first coat of Miss Mustard Seed's tricycle red about a week ago so it's had a long time to dry. It really doesn't take that long for the milk paint to dry but since I wasn't feeling good it was left to cure. Milk paint dries really fast and you can finish a project in just a couple of days.
 I was pleasantly surprised that I had some bubbling and chippy spots on the drawers and a little on the body of the buffet. If you get this result with the Milk Paint it's unpredictable but I love this about the paint. If you do not want the chippy look simply add bonding agent to the paint. I took a sanding block and sanded off the bubbles and painted a second coat of milk paint. After about 30 minutes the second coat was dry and I sanded once more and added my finish.
 I chose Hemp Oil to finish this piece and I applied it with a brush. The brush I used is by Chalk Pro and it has a flat end that makes applying the oil very easy. After I applied the Hemp Oil thoroughly I waited for it dry and soak into the wood. All I have left to do is the top of the buffet before it's ready to sell.
I had previously sanded the top and it was ready for the Curio Milk Paint that can be used like a stain. I mixed two scoops of Curio with 2 scoops of warm water and applied my first coat to the top of the buffet. I mixed it fairly thick so I think one coat is all that I am going to put on this one. When this dries I will also apply Hemp Oil. Here are a few pictures of the buffet before the Hemp Oil. I will post pictures of the finished buffet soon. If you need supplies for any of your projects whether it be Milk Paint, Chalk and Clay Paint, Finishes, Brushes, or Sanding Blocks check out our website and we will ship to you:

After using a sanding block 

The chippy bubbles that appeared after the first coat of paint.

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