Friday, March 21, 2014

Taking a Road Trip to Henderson Texas to Stock Paint

I am taking a break from painting today! This is one of our satellite stores in Henderson, Texas. If you ever want to take a road trip to a neat place, well Henderson is the place. We stock our CeCe Caldwell's Paint and Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint here. Kelly B's is on the corner and it's an old department store that is three stories but The owner,Kelly, only uses two of the floors to display beautiful antiques, clothes, shoes, food,and vintage finds.
You will enjoy looking through the many booths that vendors work very hard to bring in their best finds and goods. Kelly's outgoing and bursting with energy personality immediately draws you to her. She works hard to keep the store fresh and full of goods. She and her workers run a top of the line antique mall in Henderson. You won't meet a group more helpful and warm than these girls!
While you are there be sure and take time to try some of the eating establishments. Our favorite is right across the street from Kelly B's - The Nook. We love their soup and sandwiches. 
If you take that trip to Henderson you won't be sorry! Happy trails!!!

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  1. Hi Nancy(:)
    thanks on my bird the way your store looks...
    so cheery(:)