Friday, May 23, 2014

CeCe Caldwell's Paints used on a Chair Make Over

Two of my favorite combinations in the CeCe Caldwell's Chalk and Clay Paints are Santa Fe Turquoise and Mesa Sunset. I had this old chair with a yucky cushion for at least 6 months and couldn't decide what color to paint it. I knew I would have to recover the cushion and that was another decision "what fabric would I use". I'm a fabric hoarder - there I said it! Now I'm a self proclaimed fabric hoarder, whew I feel better! Anyway, I do LOVE fabrics and I do own quite a lot. 
Once I decided to paint the chair those two colors I found a scrap of fabric that was perfect for the chair. 
I cleaned the chair with Simple Green and painted it with Mesa Sunset and let it dry. Second coat was Santa Fe Turquoise, let that dry, wet distressed, and let that dry 24 hours because I would be using Endurance for my finish. When you use Endurance for a finish be sure and let the paint dry for 24 hours before applying the Endurance. This gives the paint time to cure so there is no water under the Endurance.
I bought an electric staple gun a few months ago and it was well worth the money. I've recovered several stools and chairs and it's so much faster than the old manual (non electric) type I had before. This chair is ready to be loaded on the trailer for Canton Trade Days next week. 
If you need any supplies or paint we have two lines of paint CeCe Caldwell's Chalk and Clay Paints and Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paints. Our website is or just click on the photo of our shop on the cover page of this blog. We are fully stocked in both paints and would love for you stop by our store but if you are not close and need it shipped we do that too. Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend and I'll be posting again on my next make over.

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