Thursday, May 22, 2014

Things of the Past Part 2 -

I have finally finished the card catalog that I started over a month ago. I decided to paint it with Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint artissimo. Artissimo is a beautiful deep navy which is a great color this year for furniture.  I removed all the hardware, cleaned with Simple Green, and sanded very lightly with a sanding sponge. I wanted the artissimo to cover but I also wanted some of it to chip. Mixing the milk paint is such an important step in using this paint. I used warm water in equal parts and stirred it for several minutes and then let it sit for a few minutes and then stirred again. I keep stirring until it becomes smooth. You may still have some hard crystals but don't worry about those they will sand out. The main thing that I like to stress is that you don't get in a hurry and keep stirring until it has a smooth texture. Continue to stir the mixture while you are painting to keep the mixture smooth. If I am painting something large I use a mason jar, warm water, and shake until smooth. But since this was a small project I used a small bowl. After mixing the paint I painted two coats on the card catalog and sanded with a sanding sponge for a smooth finish. I let that dry for several hours and then rubbed hemp oil into the wood for a beautiful finish. I reattached all the hardware and now it's ready to sell. I think these are great in a bathroom, kitchen, or craft room to store small items. I have several that I use in my craft room for my stamps and small pieces of lace. On to my next project! Guess what it is??? Oh and don't forget------
Mom and I are headed to Canton next week for the June show. Stop by our booth in Pavilion 4000 booth 4268. We will have Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paints, CeCe Caldwell's Chalk and Clay Paints, painted furniture, teacher aprons, monogrammed dishcloths, pillows, caps, home decor, cypress knees, hand painted cypress Santa's, and lots more! Visit our website to order both paint lines and we have a great section for paint instructions. 

Hardware removed

MIxing the paint

Love this color!!!

For bigger projects use a mason jar

Completed and ready to sell!

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