Thursday, June 5, 2014

All Work No Play, Makes for a Boring Day!

I love to work and I love my job, but a girl's gotta have fun! I've been visiting my kids this week and enjoying every minute of it. My two daughters are on a health kick and so I joined them (actually didn't have a choice). I'm not going to lie this girl likes to eat and my food of choice - Mexican Food! I never get tired of eating good Mexican Food. Of course, this was not on the menu at their house. 
The first morning we had one boiled egg and 1 slice of bacon with coffee. Not too bad because I'm not much of a breakfast eater. 
We went to the park close to the lake and walked for about an hour. The Texas heat is a real killer this time of year so needless to say sweat was pouring profusely. 
I'm hoping this will kick start me into doing better on my eating and exercising. I've gotten lazy the last few years but need to do better. Well that was not the "fun" that I was referring to in my post title. 
Haley got us tickets for the Rangers game and we had a great time even though they lost. We cheated a little on the diet since it was dollar hot dog night. But we got right back on track the next morning with a boiled egg and one slice of bacon and a cup of coffee. We are planning a trip to the peach farm in Terrell Texas Saturday morning. We went last year and had a blast, so we wanted to go again this year. Who knows what we will do tonight but I know one night we are going to eat Sushi which is another one of my favorites. Sushi is a little more healthy than Tex- Mex so it's allowed. 

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