Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hardware with a Soft Side

The search for cute hardware is ongoing for me. I don't know about you but I buy hardware before I have a piece of furniture to put it on. What is wrong with buying the hardware prior to the furniture? I never know how many knobs I should purchase. Most antique chest you need six to eight knobs, on a bedside table usually one or two, and antique vanities could have two to four. I would rather have too many than not enough. So I buy accordingly!
Where do I shop for hardware? Today, I went to Anthropologie and they were having a great sale on hardware, so I bought several. I bought two mercury knobs, several hand painted knobs, and three lavender colored knobs. The Lavender ceramic knobs reminded me of the Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint color Dried Lavender. Retail price was $8.00, sale price was $2.95.  My opinion that is very reasonable and will add a nice touch. Anthropologie is a great place to go and get ideas about merchandising and decorating. I find them affordable with good quality. 
I also shop for hardware at Hobby Lobby. They have a great selection and every other week they put hardware on sale. They have knobs with lots of bling, knobs that are painted, drawer pulls out of rustic metal, zebra painted, and glass knobs. Check them out when they have a sale and you will save a ton. 
Canton has several vendors that specialize in hardware and they have a great selection along with reasonable prices. 
I bought two mercury knobs, several hand painted knobs, and three lavender colored knobs today. I'm sure I will find the perfect project to use these on. 
In my opinion, good hardware is like buying a good pair of shoes. Shoes can either make or break the outfit - as does hardware on furniture. 
Here are a few pictures of hardware I purchased today. One picture is of my grand dog, Dallas. He wouldn't look at the camera and all I could get was the back of his head! 
If you are ready to start that summer paint project check out our website to buy your paint, finishes, brushes, etc.

Sweet Dallas!

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