Monday, July 4, 2016

The Chalky Look Added to a Side Table

How do you get that "chalky" old world look that is popular? It's quite simple if you use American Paint Company's Chalk and Clay paints. Here is a picture of the French Provincial side table that I painted with American Paint's Rushmore and Gunpowder mixed 1:1. 

 After two coats of the Rushmore and Gunpowder mixture I left it to dry for several hours. To achieve depth and more texture I loaded my Artisan Enhancements brush with Paint Couture's Italian Ivory and dry brushed. When you dry brush be sure and off load your brush so that there is almost no paint on the brush. I like to use the Artisan Enhancements flat brush for this application. 

 After dry brushing, Artisan Enhancements Top Coat was added to seal the paint and add a nice finish that will be very durable. I applied two coats of the Top Coat. I highly recommend this Top Coat for all your paints - it's very easy and dries in 24 hours. 
The hardware was also dry brushed with Italian Ivory and then sealed with top coat. 

 I'm very pleased with my "chalky" make over! It will be put on the floor in hopes of a new home. Leave a comment on what you think about this look. Do you like the chalky finish or the smooth finish?
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