Monday, July 11, 2016

Embossed Angel Wings on Antique High Boy

I bought a nice 2 Drawer Oak High Boy with 2 doors. I knew exactly what I wanted to do this piece when I laid eyes on it! Those doors would be perfect to emboss the Angel Wing Stencil from Artisian Enhancements. Here's a BEFORE picture of the high boy. I also knew that I would not leave those original knobs on the drawers or doors. I chose Paint Couture's British Gray for my paint with a mixture of Paint Couture's Weathered Wood and Zinc for my glaze. Here's a BEFORE picture of the high boy.

And here's the AFTER. Oh what a difference a little paint will do to a piece!

The Angel Wings were embossed using VP Antico by Artisan Enhancements. I also used the color shaper to push the VP Antico through the stencil to create a nice raised textured look. After the VP Antico was dry, I applied one coat of Paint Couture's Matte Finish, and then the glaze mix was applied. 
In the picture above you may have noticed the doors are missing hardware. I couldn't decide what I wanted on those cute doors. I finally painted two pulls with British Gray and topped them with Paint Couture's gilding wax in Gunmetal Tulle. I love that if you have hardware that's the wrong color, no worries it's an easy fix! Nothing a little paint and gilding wax can't transform.
Here's the finished cabinet in the store ready to sale. 
More up cycling coming soon! Leave a comment or question and I promise I'll respond. I love to talk paint.