Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Up Cycled Treadle Machine Drawer Front

I've had this old treadle sewing drawer for a while and I decided to paint it with Grain Sack by Miss Mustard Seed. The old treadle machines have a small accessories drawer in the center of the cabinet. I added cup hooks and up cycled this one into a wall hanging. This would be great for cups at the coffee bar or a jewelry holder. You could place your rings or earrings in the drawer or coffee spoons, sugar packets,etc. If you've up cycled one of these please share!
 I used a sanding block to scuff up the front of the drawer before painting. I applied two coats of Grain Sack Milk Paint and then used my heat gun to achieve a little chippiness. Finished it with Antiquing Wax also by Miss Mustard Seed. After letting it dry I buffed with a soft t-shirt. I need to add a couple of wall hangers to the back and it will be ready to put in use. 
 Today I'm working on a English chest of drawers so stayed tuned for that make-over in a few days! I am loving the cool weather - even though I rarely paint in the garage I am today since it's so nice out. Happy Hump Day! 

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