Friday, October 3, 2014

Miss Mustard Seed's Brush Soap

Another new product from the Miss Mustard Seed line is brush soap. This soap is great for cleaning your paint brushes. It not only cleans the paint from your brush but conditions the brush. Your nice paint brushes need conditioning to prevent the natural bristles from being dry and frayed. If you take good care of your brushes they will last for a very long time. I am a little OCD about washing my brushes and keeping them in good shape. I usually wrap a paper towel around the bristles after I've washed them to help keep their shape. I recommend hanging them from the handle while drying. I bought a tie rack with a coat hanger top at the Dollar store and my brushes hang perfectly on this rack. My favorite brand brush is the Escoda brush and I usually use a #6 and #8 for most of my painting. If you have not invested in a nice brush I highly recommend it - it makes such a difference. Most brushes will have a few loose bristles but eventually that stops. I use a small metal brush to comb through the bristles - this helps rid the brush of any loose bristles. Our brushes and the Miss Mustard Seed Soap can be found on our website:

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