Sunday, November 2, 2008

1st Monday

Canton was great! It was extremely crowded when we arrived Saturday and we had to walk a long distance after we parked the car. The weather was beautiful but the crowd made it difficult to maneuver. I found several nice pieces that I bought.I bought a large bookcase that was painted a shabby green for my sewing room and a nice cabinet with a counter top and storage underneath for my sewing room. I am going to use it as a cutting table. I had a cutting table that was huge and it took up too much room so I am going to try and sell it. I am waiting to receive the black desk that I ordered from Target to arrive and I will be finished with the furniture in that room. It is really shaping up nicely. Junktique is going to reopen tomorrow and I am going tonight and work on my space. It has been closed since Hurricane Ike because of damage to the roof.I also found a nice chest of drawers, a black buffet, and a dresser that I am going to put in the space at Junktique. The fall leaves were beautiful along the roadside on our way to Canton. The orange, brown, green, and yellow leaves were so pretty. Have meaningful Monday!

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