Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Candles and Fireplaces

We are celebrating my husbands birthday tonight with Ribs and Potato Salad. He turned a year older yesterday but I had softball games and so we are having the festivities tonight with my parents.I am battling sinus sickness again and don't feel all that great. Stuffy nose, headache, and yucky feeling! UGH....We finished up our Fall softball season last night and the girls have improved since their first game but we have a long way to go.Season will begin in January so I have plenty of work cut out for me up until that time. My daughter called yesterday and said that she was in Hobby Lobby and she was buying a large frame for half price and buying cork board for the frame to make her a large "pretty" bulletin board for her home office. She said the cost was around 50.00 which is great compared to those really large ones in the Ballard's catalogue. When she is finished painting it and has it mounted on her wall I'll post a picture. She also bought several candles to decorate her fireplace and sent me a picture of how that looks and I really like it! The candles were on sale 1/2 off as well. She has a gas fireplace but it doesn't work so she decided to put candles inside. Good choice I think. I have some exciting news that I will share tomorrow. My mom is going to be on TV! More news on that later....have a great day!

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  1. My goodness, what a jam-packed little post. Your mom's going to be on t.v. Softball goes all winter! Ribs and potato salad! It it Rudy's? Do you have Rudy'sthere? OMG, I just put on 10 lbs thinking about it.

    And THOSE CANDLES in that fireplace are BEAUTIFUL!!