Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Sewing Machines and Cute Houses

There are so many different brands of sewing machines to choose from but I really think that I would like to buy a new Bernina sewing machine. I am going to sell my Elna machine and replace it with a newer Bernina model. My Elna is a really nice computerized machine but I would like one that does larger embroidery. Any advice from anyone on sewing machines is welcomed.
Today was a beautiful day and I had a great time working after church at the antique store. I did some work in my space and added some new items and visited with several friends that came by.This is such a nice time of the year for families to spend time with each other. I'm looking forward to the weeks ahead.I will be making a quick trip to Austin this weekend to pick up Haley. She is coming home for the holidays. She says she's ready for a break and a visit home. By the way, Jannie, one of my blog friends asked me, "Where is Buna"? Well Jannie it's a small Southeast Texas town about 30 miles North of Beaumont. The last time I went to visit Linsi in Dallas I took a few pictures of some of the cute homes in her neighborhood. I love to drive around and look at all the older cute homes.


  1. Ah, ha! Thansk for the info on where the town is.

    And yes, cute, cute houses!!

  2. Sorry, the phone rang and I don't know if I had posted my other comment or not.

    Cute houses!

    Thanks as always for sharing the beauty.