Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mahogany Desk Prep

I'm working on a mahogany desk that I bought a few weeks ago. I am going to paint the bottom. The top I am going to strip and stain. I really love that look on certain pieces of furniture. The top on this desk has some pretty deep scratches so I will also do some sanding after it's stripped. I've mentioned bleed through in some of my posts lately and I'm fairly certain this mahogany desk will be a bleeder. So I am going to prep the bottom part prior to painting to try and prevent any bleeding. 
I have mentioned several techniques you can use to prevent this problem but I haven't mentioned that you can also use a metallic paint to seal the bleed through. I use Modern Masters Metallic's, spray on metallic's, and Martha Stewart's Metallic's. Any one of these will work so it's strictly up to you and what you like to use. I'm leaning towards the Modern Masters Metallic for my desk. 

Here is a BEFORE so you can see what it looks like - see all those scratches. I'll be back with more pics for this make over. 
I was excited to be featured on West Furniture Revival. You can go here to look at all the great Monday Make-Overs that Lauren featured. It's a great blog to follow so check her out.

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