Thursday, December 4, 2014

Stripping Paint from Hardware

Do you have hardware that has thick old crusty paint built up on it? Did you know there is an easy way to get this off?

The hardware on the desk that I am working on didn't have crusty paint but it had a dirt build up that was disgusting! A few months ago my nephew asked me if I wanted a crock pot that he had used to clean the old paint off of his kitchen hardware. He bought an older home and was redoing the kitchen. I had not heard of this crock pot method of cleaning hardware until now. This is the link that gives a great explanation of this method of cleaning. You can go here to read more on the crock pot stripping. 

Today I put my hardware in the crock pot and covered it with water and turned the temp knob to "high". After several hours I checked the hardware and it was clean. I poured the hot water off and laid my hardware on a towel to dry. After the hardware was dry I used Modern Masters Silver Metallic to paint them. 

The desk is coming along nicely - today I painted the base Silver Metallic and the drawers were painted with Mother Earth Dolphin. 
Mother Earth is a new paint line that Fresh is now carrying. This paint is silky and dries quickly with a beautiful smooth finish. Stop by and let us introduce you to this great product! We know you will love it as much as we do.

Hardware Cooking

Silver Metallic Paint applied to base


  1. Thank you Sam. It works great on everything that I have tried it on. Have a wonderful week!