Thursday, June 16, 2016

Antique Vanity Painted in Paint Couture Vera and Angelic

Antique vanities are my favorite pieces of furniture to paint. The 1940's style are my preferred era but very hard to come by these days! This vanity pictured in this post belonged to a friend of mine and she inherited it along with the bed, side table, and chest of drawers. It's a very nice set with good details. 
I painted everything except for the chest of drawers which I plan to start on soon. 
The bedroom for this little girl is absolutely beautiful. Her mom has it arranged so cute and she loves it!
Vera at the Ballet and Angelic by Paint Couture are the two colors we chose for the vanity and the side table. The chair and the bed were done in Angelic. And the chest of drawers will be painted in Angelic. 
If you love pink and white in a little girls room or a shabby chic room I highly recommend these two colors. 
I finished the pieces with Satin Finish Lacquer by Paint Couture. It's a durable lacquer that will protect the paint finish.
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