Friday, June 24, 2016

Coffee Bar Talk

Pinterest is packed with ideas for cute coffee bars. My favorite are those that use re-purposed pieces of furniture and I've painted a few for the shop in the past few years. This one is an antique radio cabinet minus the radio. I painted it Miss Mustard Seed's Yellow and replaced the old fabric that covered the speakers with stenciled burlap. 
The ornate wood arch hanging above the mustard yellow cabinet came from an antique wash stand. I've painted several of these when I find them and they are great for framing a sign, a mirror, add hooks to hang cups or dish towels, and so many other uses. 

Have you up-cycled anything lately? I'm working on several painting projects right now and I will share those when I'm finished. I'll be working in the studio at Fresh tomorrow from 9-5, so if you need help getting your paint or supplies stop by. July 18th is our next scheduled workshop in the studio. But did you know that we offer workshops at your convenience? Just email me with a date and time that is good for you and we will coordinate a date. Classes are listed on our website and you can go here to register.
I do have a warning for you though, if you learn to paint, it's very addictive and you may not want to do anything else! Have a wonderful day and leave me a comment. 

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