Monday, June 27, 2016

Paint Couture Russian Red, Black Walnut Glaze, and a little Crackle

I have a hard time deciding on a color when I paint. I usually go to Pinterest or my magazine stack to get inspiration. I've always loved the color red and for this piece I chose one of my favorites by Paint Couture, Russian Red with Black Walnut Glaze. Paint Couture has one of the prettiest reds of all the paint suppliers. It's especially pretty with Paint Couture's Black Walnut Glaze. And of course everything looks good with a little Paint Couture Crackle so that gorgeous glaze can ooze into those tiny cracks to give you depth and texture! If you haven't tried these products and you are interested in painting furniture - fair warning you will be hooked!
Here is the small desk I painted in Paint Couture Russian Red  and Black Walnut Glaze by Paint Couture. 

Here's how I painted this desk:
I painted two coats of Russian Red and that needed about 4 hours to dry. I then took the Crackle Step 1 and painted the top and the shelf beneath. Crackle 1 goes on milky but after about 45 minutes it dries clear and is very sticky. Here's a picture of the Crackle 1 and how it looks when you brush it on.

Once your Crackle 1 has dried you are ready for step two Crackle. This medium is very thick and you must not over work this step. The thicker you brush it on the bigger the crackle. So I usually do some areas thicker so I get a variation of crackle effect. Here is a picture of the crackle after it's dried and prior to the Black Walnut Glaze. Isn't that a gorgeous red!

I like to let my crackle set over night or at least 8 hours. It doesn't take very long for you to see cracks after 30 minutes but it needs plenty of time to dry and cure before you apply the glaze.
I applied the Black Walnut Glaze after my crackle had cured.

I added the gold arrow drawer pull once the desk was complete. This project took me a couple of days to complete! Yes, it's just that simple to do a make over with a furniture piece with our paints and products. I love to talk paint and I invite you to stop by Fresh and ask me any questions you may have about painting. We also invite you to contact us about setting up a date to bring your small project into the studio to paint on location where we can guide you. We call this our "U Schedule It" Workshop. 
Leave me a comment or question on this post! I'll be back with more makeovers next week. If you are in Jasper I'll be in the studio Monday working on more furniture. Stop by and see what's getting painted and made over.

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