Saturday, June 25, 2016

Vanity Make Over Using Colors of Sweden

This sweet vanity was in good condition but it needed something to bring it out of it's drab existence! What better way to do that than a Color of Sweden color with Paint Couture Glaze and Paint Couture Crackle? 
After cleaning with Simple Green, I applied two coats of Misty Fjord by Colors of Sweden. I love the hues of the Colors of Sweden paints. Here is the color board for all the Colors of Sweden - it's hard to pick just one! Micki Coles the inventor of the Colors of Sweden has been painting for many years and she has some really informative you-tube videos. You can go here and see how she applies glaze to a cabinet door.
It is recommended to let the paint dry for four hours. I had fans going in the studio so it dried fairly fast. Next I applied Step 1 of the Crackle Medium which is a size that needs to dry for at least 45 minutes to an hour. It goes on milky but dries clear and will be very sticky when it's dry. You can apply two coats of size if you want bigger crackle but I wanted it smaller.
When the Step 1 Crackle Medium is dry I then applied the Step 2 Crackle Medium. It's very thick and I brushed it on with a chip brush. There a few important facts to know about using Step 2. DO NOT over work and the thicker you apply the medium the bigger the cracks. I like a variation in my cracks so I apply it thick in some places and light in others. You will notice cracking quickly but you need to let it dry for at least 8 hours or more. 
Once the crackle was dry I applied Paint Couture Glaze. I love the mixture of Zinc and Weathered Wood to get a nice shade of gray. I used 2 parts of Weathered Wood to 1 part of Zinc. Have you ever applied glaze? I have several different ways that I like to apply glaze and it seems to work well for me. Leave me a comment and share with me how you apply your glazes. 
Here a few pictures of the final make over. 

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