Saturday, June 21, 2008

Purple Fountain Grass & Zebra Grass

Up early today to go to dreaded Bus Re certification School....not fun! I drive a bus for my athletes and I have to get re certified every 3 years, so today was the day for that. I don't like spending my Saturday in school but I had no choice. I stopped by Lowe's on the way home and bought a few plants and a couple of pots to plant them in. I bought the new chocolate color clay pots that they have this summer. I bought purple fountain grass and zebra grass and they also had a sale on 6 pack annuals, so I bought a few of those too! I also looked at paint samples of mint green for my dresser but didn't make a decision yet. I still don't know which green would be best. Considering how hot is here my plants look fairly good. So I took a few pictures of my yard and some of my birdhouses. I love bird houses and I have several around the yard. One of them is a "Hoe House" from the Round Top Antique Show that I went to in the Spring. They took an old grubbing hoe and made it. Several years ago my husband made a planter for me out of a hollow log and it's posted here too. I have a few window boxes on my greenhouse/potting shed and they look really pretty so I took a picture of those too.Yesterday my mom and I visited my sister, Lisa and her grandson Kahner. We had a great time eating and shopping. We ate at our favorite place...Papasita's. Kahner is the cutest thing ever. He is so smart and all boy! I took a couple of pictures of him and as you will see he got really tired and fell asleep a few minutes after we finished shopping. I hope you have good weekend.

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