Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Win for UT!

Matt is on the left side of the guy in the orange and white striped shirt. He has a beige cap on and shades. A friend of his took this picture from the TV screen and sent it to me.

I went to Dallas this weekend to visit Linsi and had a great time. We ate good food and hit a few estate sales. I found a few neat treasures on my hunt for antiques. I bought a table, a chair, and some other things. One estate sale that we went to on Sunday the lady was 106 years old and she was in a nursing home and the family was liquidating her furniture and belongings. It was a cute little 2 bedroom cottage style home. I loved the kitchen. It had the really old gas stove and the old type cabinets. I can't imagine living to be a 106 years old. The ladies at the sale said that she was of sound mind and understood what they family was doing with the house and her things. Linsi and I watched the game on Saturday and it made my stomach hurt I was so nervous. This week the game will be just as good against Texas Tech. I will be going to the Houston Quilt Show with my Mom and my sister Friday and then Mom and I will head to Canton on Saturday morning. I'm excited about both! My weekends have been so busy that I have not had time to work on my house projects. I am going to try and get something done this week.

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  1. 106, wow. Maybe I'm not really even halfway there yet after all, that would be 53. (I'm now 44.)