Sunday, October 12, 2008

Painted projects finished

I finished the mirror, ladder, black chest of drawers, and the antique green dresser. I'll post pictures. I am going to try and finish a pillow for Haley's apartment and curtains for her bedroom before I make the trip to Austin. I also painted a paper towel holder that I've had since I married 29 years ago. It was absolutely the ugliest paper towel holder in existence but I have painted it black and hopefully saved it from being tossed. My husband is back from his hunting trip in Canada. He left last Monday and got home around 6:00 Sunday. To my surprise he took MY NEW suitcase on his hunting trip and now it's completely torn up! How does that happen? And as I watched him unload MY suitcase he took out his "kill" from MY suitcase. Why did the dead birds have to be put in MY suitcase? I'm amazed what the other gender does sometimes! It's one of those nice suitcases that have the turn on a dime wheels that make life so much easier in the airports and just in general. Well so much for life being easier for me and my suitcase because it will definitely never be the same after this hunting trip to Canada. I ask myself "Why" do I bother trying to figure out a man? I must learn to hide my special little items that mean so much to me in better places! He said that he looked everywhere for one of his and he couldn't find one anywhere. Well that could be because our son demolished it on a skiing trip last December. There's something about suitcases and the men in our family. I'm glad he had a wonderful hunt and killed lots of birds and that he is safe back home. He hasn't flown in years and swears that he is not going to fly ever again! He didn't realize security was so strict especially when you travel with a rifle. The next time he goes to Canada to hunt he plans on driving.....what a lonnnnnnnng trip to go hunting!

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  1. Yes, those Men-Beings. Mine put his table saw on top of my new running shoes last week, they were missing 7 whole days. And even after my last wash bucket (my 10th, I kid you not...) was plastered in 15 places with "Jannie's Bucket" in bold black sharpie, it still ended up caked in tile mastic. Arrrg.

    Your hubby, couldn't he just rent a rifle in Canada?